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Francesca Pignataro is an italian award winning creative director.

She currently lives and works in Milan.

Since 2011 she's the Art Director for Mucchio Selvaggio, an historical Italian music magazine.  

In March 2016 Francesca became Art Director for RVM Hub where she is currently working on a restyling and the inauguration issue of Rearviewmirror Magazine, a photographic journal heading RVM Hub.

Among 2014 and 2016 she contributed to LIT Edizioni (Castelvecchi, Elliot, ...) as an Art Director and a Graphic Designer for various book series. Between 2009 and 2010 she worked for the digital promotion of Sebastian Fitzek, one of the best authors of Elliot Edizioni.

Between 2014 and 2015, together with Giulia Flamini and under the editorial guideline of Alberto Campo, she became Art Director for Extra, a biannual journal focused on music.

In 2013 Francesca’s passion for music brought her to start djing in some of the most renowned places in Rome such as Ex Dogana, Monk, Le Mura and Quirinetta, ...

Since 2010 she has been working with musicians, recording companies and independent music labels. Until now some of her best cover albums are: Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Valentina Lupi, Honeybird and the Birdies, Leo Pari, Kento & the Vodoo Brothers, Mary in June, Bamboo. Artworks for Music festivals: Rome Psych Fest and Tutto Molto Bello.

Francesca started working in 2007 as an ADV Art Director but soon decided to abandon the world of advertising and to focus on music and publishing.



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For business inquiries, please contact me at francesca.pignataro@gmail.com
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SPD53 Gold Medal, 2018 (US) 
Rvm Magazine
Independent Magazine: Entire Issue 

SPD53 Silver Medal, 2018 (US) 
Rvm Magazine
Independent Magazine: Cover 

SPD53 Gold Medal, 2018 (US) 
Rvm Magazine
Independent Magazine: Single Spread Story "The Island Of The Colorblind"

SPD53 Merit Winner, 2018 (US) 
Il Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine Cover “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” 50th Anniversary



42 Records, Bnl, Bomba Dischi, Castelvecchi, Cose Giuste, Diigisi Publishing, Edizioni dei cammini, Elliot Edizion, Endemol, Eni, Fake Factory, Gas Vintage Records, Goodfellas, Kino, Kino Produzioni, La famosa etichetta Trovarobato, Liu•Jo, Nastro Azzurro, P&G, Peter Non, Poste Italiane, Puntarella Rossa, Stemax, Universal Music Italia, Unopiù, V4V Records



COLLECTIVE exhibitions

November 2016
Ferrofluid Session
Rome Psych Fest
Monk - Rome

April 2011
Movimento BASTA
Circolo degli Artisti - Rome

March 2011
Vicini al Giappone
Circolo degli Artisti - Rome



June 2011
Faenas Café - Rome



Deer Waves




May14, 2018
Workshop "Editorial Art Direction"
Istituto Italiano Di Design - Perugia

March - April 2015
Graphic Design Teacher for Bachelor's Course in Video Design
European Institute of Design (IED) - Rome

January - February 2010
Expert Consultant Teacher at Master's degree course Strumenti e scenari web 2.0  
Brand Academy Studios, School of Communication - Rome

March - May 2009
Expert Consultant Teacher at Master's degree course Strumenti e scenari web 2.0  
Brand Academy Studios, School of Communication - Rome